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Alexander Wong Architects is an Award-Winning, Avant-Garde Architectural firm originating from Hong Kong. Since 2001, the company has evolved from a fusion office to a dynamic multi-disciplinary powerhouse consisting of visionary professionals creating fresh, young & cutting edge designs for Architecture and beyond.


Presenting and combining the best of what Asia-Pacific has to offer in superior design, attention to details, professional diligence, business acumen and cost effective management, Alexander Wong Architects propels not just Architecture but also Interiors, Urban Planning, Branding and Real Estate Development, to a new level of excellence.




Press: (China)

Press: (China)

Alexander Wong's Interview is featured in (China) 9 Feb 2016

VMSD Magazine (USA)

VMSD Magazine (USA)

"Beyond Future" and "White Futura" are featured in USA's VMSD Magazine, Mar 2017. Cinema Design by Alexander Wong Architects

Press: JET SET era (Mexico)

Press: JET SET era (Mexico)

"Carmen Futura" is featured in JET SET era (Mexico) 20 Dec 2016

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