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The HKDI campus is a collection of pure, abstract and transparent Boxes.  Each Box houses a group of related disciplines; thus each Box possesses its unique qualities (materiality and tectonics) as related disciplines cross breed and develop its own identity. This system is not only easy to construct but also encourages maximum flexibility, providing open-ended expansion possibilities for future growth. The transparent quality of the Boxes serves as a constant reminder for the students to observe the world afresh and design “Out of the Box”.

香港知專設計學院 HONG KONG DESIGN INSTITUTE                        

Merit Award

International Architectural Design Competition for The Hong Kong Design Institute

Top 5 Finalist out of 162 International Teams & the only Finalist from China / HK


Alexander Wong Architects' HKDI is featured in Hinge Magazine June 2007

Alexander Wong Architects is featured in Middle East Architect Magazine (UAE) Oct 2007 Vol. 1 Issue 1. Design by Alexander Wong Architects

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